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Selendang (Sarong) Indonesian Baby Sling

Еще один этно слинг

как завязывать
чУдная статья
"A year prior, while pregnant with my first child, my husband and I visited my parents in Jakarta. I received a beautiful selendang baby sling and was shown how to tie the carrier in its numerous holds. I observed mothers and fathers carrying their content babies with such ease and convenience. I decided then to carry my future child in the same manner. Since my father is Japanese, my parents carried me on their backs with the traditional Japanese onbuhimo. My son and I have enjoyed the same joys of using the selendang sling and onbuhimo back carrier. When he was an infant, I was able to complete my chores with my son snuggled up against me either watching the goings-on or sleeping soundly by the sound of my heartbeat. Now that he is bigger, I’ve switched him to my hip, where he loves to interact."
полностью туту - http://www.iowasource.com/health/selendang_0905.html
Tags: как надевать (архивный тэг!), общество: этно-фото
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