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слинг как терапия

решила вынести из комментов, вдруг кому интересно. Выхаживание недоношенных деток верхом на маме.

статьи: http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/329/7475/1179
A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Kangaroo Mother Care
а вот еще про дисплазию:
"It is difficult to prevent something the cause of which is still quite elusive. However, it is well known that in cultures that practice infant swaddling and using cradle boards to carry their babies, the incidence of hip dysplasia is very high. On the other hand, cultures that carry their babies astride the mother's backs have a low incidence of hip dysplasia"

Benefits of kangaroo care

1. For mothers there is enhanced attachment and bonding ( Tessier et al., 1998); increase in her milk volume, twice as likely to breastfeed, and breastfeed longer (Mohrbacher & Stock, 2003); physiologically her breasts respond to her infant’s thermal needs (Ludington-Hoe et al., 2006); resilience and feelings of confidence, competence, and satisfaction regarding baby care (Tessier et al., 1998; Conde-Agudelo, Diaz-Rossello, & Belizan, 2003; Kirsten, Bergman, & Hann, 2001).

2. For preterm and low birth weight infants the advantages are normal temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate (Ludington-Hoe et al., 2005); breast milk is readily available and accessible; the maternal contact causes a calming effect with decreased stress and rapid quiescence (McCain, Ludington-Hoe, Swinth, & Hadeed, 2005; Charpak et el., 2005). There is reduced physiologic and behavioural pain responses (Ludington-Hoe, Hosseini, & Torowicz, 2005; Johnston et al., 2003); increased weight gain (Charpak, Ruiz-Pelaez, & Figueroa, 2005); enhanced mother-infant bonding (Dodd, 2005); positive effects on infant’s cognitive development (Feldman, Eidelman, Sirota, & Weller, 2002); less nosocomial infection, severe illness, or lower respiratory tract disease (Conde-Argudelo, Diaz-Rossello, & Belizan, 2003); restful sleep (Ludington, Hosseini, & Torowicz, 2005); and earlier discharge (London et al., 2006). There have been indications of a reduced risk of sudden infant death (see www.infactcanada.ca) and infant growth of premature infants being comparable to normal size for term infants (Charpak, Ruiz-Pelaez, & Figueroa, 2005). There is promising findings of kangaroo care as an intervention for colic (Ellett, Bleah, & Parris, 2002) as well as positive effects in motor development of infants (Penalva & Schwartzman, 2006).

статья на немецком, но добрый гугл перевел, привожу кусок:
"Past investigations prove that one is expressed stretchers suitable method of the care of children. But carrying is particularly regarded again and again in the first life months extremely sceptically and advised against to parents vehement. Handicap of the respiration or spinal column damage is assumed, begun with upright carrying, before a child can sit independently. Both fears could be weakened in the meantime by different investigations. Like that the percentage of the moving and attitude remarkablenesses is not by any means higher even in later years with carried children, even if they sat daily more than 6 hours upright in the stretcher assistance, opposite not-carried (Kirkilionis 1999). Also the oxygen supply is completely sufficient (Field 1995, Stening et al. 1999). Kirkilionis E. (1999) Ein Baby will getragen sein. Kosel, Munchen."
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