Antalika (antalika) wrote in slingomamy,

слинго не только мамы Часть 1

вообще я искала совсем не их, авдохновение для бохо халата и бохо-пальто. Но прорываясь через тонну этнографии  очень много нашла таких вот прекрасных  картинок * под катом ооочень много фото
Africa | Portrait of a Peul mother carrying her child, Mali | © Ferdinand Reus

Africa | A Berber nomad woman with her child. Atlas mountains, Morocco | ©Martin Harvey
Mother and child , Tibet
To the market with the kids in Guatemala../
Awwwwww #babywearing smiling babyღღ Precious!A child from the Akha tribe, one of six indigenous hill tribes  that live in the Mekong Highlands, that includes the Golden Triangle, it was given this name by Western media reporting on gun battles between large rebel drug armies in the 50’s. The Akha people live in Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) Laos, Vietnam and China.Someone is not happy. VietnamAfrica |  Portrait of a mother with her baby daughter, Djenne. Mali | © Jean-Louis PotierPisac Market, Sacred Valley, PeruSouth AfricaDongria Kondh woman going to the market in Orissa, India - by Ditisit Fotografics, via flickr #world #culturesWest AfricaAfrica | Samburu children photographed in Kenya | © Art Wolfe.Off to the market. GhanaChild in Côte d'Ivoire by United Nations PhotoSomebody's Mama.Sisterliness - Sapa, VietnamMother and Child.Africa | "Sisters". In the Kawangware slums of Nairobi, Kenya. 1992 | ©David BlumenkrantzHappy PeruviansHappy, Nepalok, this is really greatMorocco

и это только первая часть) Будет еще и много. ))))
Tags: общество: этно-фото
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